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Services that are currently available
include but not limited to

Motel/Hotel Development
Owner Liason/Representation
Project Management
Business Strategy
General Management Relief
Motel/Hotel Relief Management
Stock Taking - Problem Solving
Staffing Ratios - Menu Costings
And Much Much More

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

In The Middle

Commonly, companies have been running their
property successfully for many years, however,
business can and will sometimes go a little flat.
This is normally caused by not being able to see
the wider picture. A fresh view on your
priorities and business may be all you need.

Having Problems

It may be that you are now finding that things are
not going as well as expected, or the business is
slowly sliding and now is less profitable.
It may even be that finances are taking its
toll or business is not good.
If that is so we can come and look at your
business and assess ways of saving it.

Business Failed or Wanting to Sell

We hope this will not happen to you,
but if it does, then we can look at
ways to rescue your business.
It may be that the bank has been called in.
No matter the reason you are selling, we can come
in and work along side you to drive the business
forward and work towards making your business
an attractive buying proposition
and enhance the sale
(or even have you not wanting to sell it!).

Wanting to Buy

If you are interested in buying a business
we are happy to work along side you.
To look at the business you are going to buy and
give you a impartial report on how we think the
business is doing and any problems that we
may find with the business.

Bought or Starting Up A New Business

We will help you with all your System Information,
Marketing plans, advertising, internet presence
and brochures etc. or we can just be of assistance
with any teething problems you may have.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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